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The Daring Canvas

Custom Floating Frame + Framing Service

Custom Floating Frame + Framing Service

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This service requires you to bring your already stretched canvas to the shop. Only select this service if you do not require us to stretch your canvas and if you do not want to frame your artwork yourself.

Whether you want to combine stretching and framing, are an artist, or simply have a canvas already stretched at home, our floating frames are the way to go to easily and beautifully enhance your favorite artwork.
Featuring a 5mm gap between your canvas and the frame, the floating design creates a distinct levitation effect, allowing your artwork to shine. Your floating frame arrives pre-drilled and equipped with a hanging system.

How to measure?
Simply measure your canvas width and length and enter it on this page to get your cost. Do not worry about anything else; we will make sure your floating frame will be at the correct dimension to have a 5mm gap between it and your artwork.

How to easily frame an existing artwork in a floating frame?
Follow these few steps:

1. Select the Right Size Frame: Choose a floating frame that matches the dimensions of your artwork and choose the color: Matte Black, Matte White, or Natural Oak.
2. Prepare Your Artwork: Ensure your artwork is clean and free of dust or debris before framing it, and remove any existing hanging systems from the back.

3. Place the Artwork: Carefully position your artwork within the floating frame, ensuring it sits evenly and centered.

4. Secure the Artwork: Once your artwork is in place, create a 5mm thickness with cardboards and position them at each corner of your artwork to secure it within the frame. Make sure it is held firmly but not too tight to avoid damaging the canvas.

5. Hang Your Art: Finally, slightly slide it on the edge of the table and insert screws from the bottom into the pre-drilled holes, while applying pressure on the artwork from the top to make it stay against the base of the floating frame. Rotate the artwork and repeat the operation for each pre-drilled hole.

With these simple steps, you can easily frame your existing artwork in a floating frame, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space.

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