Collection: Lex

Get to know the polygonal style of Lex, a unique artist who creates an experience that extends beyond the canvas. Residing across diverse European countries, we never know where Lex is currently based. Using a distinctive way of communicating with his clients, he maintains the mystery about the availability of his creations, making each of them a delightful surprise.

In his unique style, Lex seamlessly transposes the digital realm with traditional techniques. Influenced by fashion, urban life, and idealistic settings, his modern approach, infused with vibrant pop colours, brings a distinct brilliance and freshness.

Lex grants us access to edit select pieces on Edition Prestige Dibond®. These limited-edition gems boast an impeccable matte finish and embossed effect, each meticulously numbered—only 15 copies per dimension—for an unparalleled rarity. Stay tuned as Lex will soon unveil enhanced (1/1) masterpieces, elevating the exclusivity of your collection.